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Downloads / For e107 v0.7 by bugrain

Bugtracker3 v1.0 RC6
Author bugrain
Description A few bug fixes and some new features.

Bug Fix Summary
#211 [core] Filter changes are written to Admin log
#238 [Core] Found in version drop down order
#245 [Core] Fatal Error
#246 [Core] Fatal Error #2
#247 [Core] fatal error #3
#251 [Core] Wrong link to userprofile
#253 [Core] Move bug between applications is broken

New Feature Sumamry
#65 [New feature] Notifications
#218 [New feature] Add tooltips
#219 [New feature] Ajax enabled navigation

As usual, please get the latest version of e107 Helper - V1.0 RC6.
Filesize 75.75 kB
Date Sun 10 December 2006 - 10:36:18
Downloads 1303
 8.0 - 1 vote 

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